First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Leaving the default title. It’s an undeniable truth and a passive excuse to what lies ahead.

A Snohomish County Almanac was established in late 2017. It is meant to serve as a record of natural history, agriculture, current events, and the times.  For now, the postings will comprise the observations and opinions of one small voice near the southern border, yet I hope in the future others will speak up and add to the blog with replies or postings of their own.

Predominantly, my contributions to this journal consist of contemplations made while walking around my farm.  This author’s mission is one of expansion.  Writing should inspire critical thinking, challenge conventional wisdom, and open the reader’s eyes to a new reality.

Moreover, the concept that this is A Snohomish County Almanac is misleading.  As mentioned above, our property represents the slightest sweep of the second hand on the clock that is Snohomish County.  Rather, the title is taken from Aldo Leopold’s famous book, A Sand County Almanac, and like his book, this treatise attempts to open a window to the natural world.  Furthermore, I hope to instill appreciation in the reader about the stewardship of Nature through an agricultural lifestyle.

Thank you for participating.  Sincerely,






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